About Under The Radar Festival

Over the last 14 years, The Public’s UNDER THE RADAR FESTIVAL has presented over 210 companies from 41 countries. It has grown into a landmark of the New York City theater season and is a vital part of The Public's mission, providing a high-visibility platform to support artists from diverse backgrounds who are redefining the act of making theater. Widely recognized as a premier launching pad for new and cutting-edge performance from the U.S. and abroad, UTR has presented works by such respected artists as Elevator Repair Service, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Gob Squad, Belarus Free Theatre, Guillermo Calderón, and Young Jean Lee. These artists provide a snapshot of contemporary theater: richly distinct in terms of perspectives, aesthetics, and social practice, and pointing to the future of the art form.

Under the Radar 2018
First Show Announced:


Written by Rogelio Orizondo
Directed by Carlos Díaz Alfonso
A production of Teatro El Público (Havana, Cuba)

In the 19th century, Cuban poet José Martí expressed a deep yearning for his people’s freedom, leading the slaves in their struggle for independence from Spain. Like Antigone opposing an inhuman law in classical antiquity, they rose up against colonial rule without a real chance of succeeding. Since then, the struggle for the right to humanity and independence has been a central tenet for every subsequent generation of Cubans. José Martí’s gripping poetry radiates the enthusiasm and the gallows humor of those who have nothing to lose but their chains. In ANTIGONÓN, Rogelio Orizondo transposes Martí’s famous verses into a modern setting. In brief scenes performers and dancers create a kaleidoscope of absurd encounters. José Martí’s noble idea of freedom clashes with tough reality, but also with the manifold voices of a people able to counter this reality with wit, and grace, dignity, and the will to survive.

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UTR accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Various factors impact the inclusion of a production in the festival; artistic integrity, funding, schedule, available partners, festival suitability, readiness to tour. Please send invites, information, and video links to UnderTheRadar@publictheater.org. The best way for us to know your work is to see your work! Please keep us informed of your performances. Due to the volume of submissions, we will only be in contact if we wish to find out more about the project. 

The Under the Radar Professional Symposium is a two-day event on January 11 and 12, featuring a chance to see full productions of the festival shows as well as keynote speakers and expert panel discussions. Attendance at the Symposium is strictly limited to presenting and producing professionals in the field. For more information on the Symposium, please email utrsymposium@publictheater.org.

The Under the Radar Festival 2018 is produced by The Public Theater, Festival Director Mark Russell. The Under the Radar Symposium is a pre-conference event of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals and is held in conjunction with the APAP|NYC 2018 conference. UTR is part of JanArtsNYC. For more info, visit www.apapnyc.org.