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June 20 - September 3

Anspacher Theater

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Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Romeo and Juliet) returns to The Public in this electrifyingly intimate new production of Shakespeare’s eternal drama. Isaac is the Prince caught between thought and action, anger and anguish, as his uncle assumes the throne left vacant by his murdered father. As the dead King calls to him from the grave, demanding to be avenged, Hamlet is forced to choose between bearing the oppressor’s wrong or taking arms against a sea of troubles.

Tony Award winner Sam Gold
 (Fun HomeOthello) directs theater’s most powerful tragedy about life and death, madness and conscience, and corruption—of the state and of the soul. 

HAMLET is made possible by the generous support of Luigi Caiola & Sean McGill, and Susan & David Edelstein.

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Top (From Left): Roberta Colindrez, Peter Friedman, Oscar Isaac, Keegan-Michael Key
Bottom (From Left): Gayle Rankin, Matthew Saldívar, Anatol Yusef

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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sam Gold

Featuring Roberta Colindrez (Rosencrantz), Peter Friedman (Polonius)Oscar Isaac (Hamlet), Keegan-Michael Key (Horatio), Gayle Rankin (Ophelia, Second Gravedigger), Matthew Saldívar (Guildenstern), and Anatol Yusef (Laertes)

Scenic Design by David Zinn
Costume Design by Kaye Voyce
Lighting Design by Mark Barton
Sound Design by Bray Poor
Musical Direction, Composition and Performance by Ernst Reijseger